The job Internship Opportunity: React Native backend development for our Sustainable Mobile Application. has expired.
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About the App:
We're using React Native on the frontend and Javascript on the backend, utilizing Node.js  and a Firebase database to develop the app. We started developing the app in July, and a lot of the initial features have been implemented. Features of the app include (but are not limited to) Maps integration, CRUD functions, real-time dashboard, and integration of an admin system. 

Your Role:
As we are starting to see an app take form and approaching launch, you will help us with our remaining functionalities and our finishing touches to secure a stable and user-friendly app. Right now we are mostly on the lookout for developers who can take part in the backend development. Possible tasks could be: Setting up the admin panel (CMS, CRUD functions, alerts etc.), Setting up an algorithm for an AI with machine learning tools to calculate the CO2 of items based on existing data and calculations, looking into our data security, and creating search functionalities. 

We understand that you might not have experience with developing apps or working with React Native and Javascript, but as long as you have a go-getter attitude and are willing to challenge yourself, we encourage you to apply. While we'll be there to support you through any challenges, it's important that you are self-sufficient in searching for solutions to possible errors or when implementing features in uncharted territories.

Please note that we don't have a deep-tech background person in-house. You'll have the opportunity to work alongside other interns and our founder, Sara, who has experience in UX, testing, and managing technical projects. The app's features and design have been scoped and visualized through mock-ups, so it's ready for you to dive in. If you're interested in sustainability and enjoy working on a project with a purpose, we'd love to hear from you. Practical:

  • We are looking for someone to join our team as soon as possible 
  • We imagine the internship period to be at least 3 months
  • Our office is located at Nørrebro in Copenhagen, however, it is possible to work remotely
  • The internship is unpaid

If you have any questions or would like to apply, please send your information through The Hub. We read and respond to applications ongoingly and look forward to hearing from you. For more information or questions please contact us at or phone number +45 50 47 45 83.

Please write in your application that you've seen the job at Jobfinder.