The job Intern in software technology or electronics engineering has expired.
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About SkyTEM Surveys

SkyTEM specializes in the development and operation of helicopter and drone equipment designed for mapping subsurface terrain. Our primary focus is to aid in securing groundwater resources, identifying mineral deposits, and facilitating infrastructure planning. With all development and production conducted in-house, we boast a diverse team proficient in high- and low-current electronics, mechanical engineering, composite materials, and software development.

The position

You will play a vital role as part of our software development team, with the possibility of contributing to every aspect of the development stack, including hardware integration and the creation of web-based user interfaces. As an intern with us, you’ll have the opportunity to actively shape our projects by influencing task selection and implementation decisions, all while receiving valuable professional feedback. Our culture emphasizes a balance of learning, productivity, and having fun, ensuring that you’ll not only contribute meaningfully but also have a rewarding and enjoyable experience as you help us achieve our goals.

Depending on your experience and interests, your tasks may involve:

  • Implementing new sensor types (e.g. LIDAR, IMU, and GPS)
  • Adding new functionality to our Python-based backend
  • Adding new functionality to our React frontend
  • Refining our pilot display
  • Building development tools and infrastructure
  • Developing automated tests

We are particularly interested in individuals with expertise in Python, JavaScript, C/C++, Docker or Linux. However, what truly sets candidates apart is their eagerness to learn and adapt.

Our past success has also been driven by interns who thrived in collaborative environments, utilizing Scrum methodology on focused projects. If you’re already part of a cohesive team eager to explore this opportunity together, we encourage you to reach out to us.

Potential projects

  1. Documentation Server
    Create an Infrastructure as Code based server in the cloud for hosting documentation from our projects
    Relevant: Technologies: Linux, Docker, [Ansible]
  2. Pipeline Dashboard
    Create a dashboard with the status of CI pipelines
    Relevant Technologies: Javascript, Docker, GitHub, Some relevant framework…
  3. Orientation Sensor
    Develop a new instrument for tracking the orientation of the payload.
    Relevant Technologies: Linux, Docker, Python [Yocto]
  4. Rust Serial Interface
    Create a Rust based interface to Python to collect and time stamp data in real-time from serial devices
    Relevant technologies: Rust [Python]
  5. Tri GPS Sensor
    Develop a device for acquiring position and orientation in an RTK setup based on three GPS receivers.
    Relevant Technologies: Docker, Python, Yocto
  6. Hardware In the Loop Pipeline
    Improve our pipeline for system-level releases by building a dedicated hardware setup and creating pipelines to deploy and test the system.
    Relevant technologies: Linux, Docker, Ansible, GitHub

Salary and Terms of Employment

You will be based at our main office in Aarhus N for the duration of your internship. The position entails an average workweek of 37 hours. Salary negotiations will be conducted between the company and the intern. Throughout your internship, you are welcome to join the daily lunch arrangement and weekly Friday bar.


To apply for this internship, please send your application to with ‘Internship’ in the subject line. For any inquiries about the position, feel free to contact Gregers Poulsen at +45 2429 7637.