The job Student Assistant in Trade Support Gas has expired.
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Do you want to gain valuable experience in an international environment where you will work alongside some of the best teams in Europe? In Trade Support Gas, we are looking for talented students who are ready to take on a job with great responsibility in a fast-paced environment where new challenges arise daily.

Centrica is one of Europe’s leading trading companies with a strong focus and track record of nurturing talent. Our department holds the most students within Centrica which creates a dynamic team where focus is directed towards developing skills and knowledge that can lead to a full-time position within the organization. The tasks we take on, are only limited by our imagination – we dream big and aim high when setting new goals, and we deliver on that through honesty, proactiveness and responsibility.

The role of a scheduler

Based in the trade support department in Aalborg you will work closely with traders to assist them in their daily tasks and also be solving problems with other departments such as IT and back office.

As scheduler you will be given deep insight to the engine room of commodity trading and trade support, where you are responsible for carrying out the logistics in terms of moving gas across Europe and ensuring balanced markets.

This includes but is not limited to

  • placing exchange bids

  • booking OTC deals with our counterparts

  • ensuring correct data

  • staying aligned with the market positions, the traders and trading strategies.

We will depend on you to contribute to the development of the job role and the improvement of our services, thus you will have great possibilities of influence on the job. You will grow over time and learn how to approach complex problem solving while under pressure, strengthen your communication skills and gain a solid network across company functions.

Our department is very dependent on student assistants, and we can only succeed through providing training and continuously pushing the limits of students' skills. We never run low on challenges and projects that are in every way equal to that of a fulltime employee, so our task as a team is to be flexible in time, skills and areas of expertise.

About you

For you to succeed as a scheduler you need to

  • be able to maintain a calm overview in time pressured situations as it is essential that we keep our deadlines

  • be able to switch gears and go from slow to fast within short time as problems arise unexpectedly. You will not be working under pressure all day everyday though

  • by nature be interested in identifying and solving problems

  • have an overall flair for numbers and logic reasoning

  • have a structured ability to acquire and pursue knowledge as well as develop new skills.

Your line of study is of less importance to us as we do not want you only for what you are now, but for what you can and want to become in the future!  A genuine interest in our line of business, to want to actively put your skills and person to the test trough hands-on experience, and a positive attitude with your personal, is the key to success in this position!


Practical information

Please make sure to add your cover letter/motivation together with your CV when applying. 

To make sure that we see your personal traits in the application, please emphasize and exemplify why your person, character and skills makes a good candidate in relation to the job description. We recognize that you might not have directly related experience, but this makes the CV and application your chance to show how you match the profile. We look forward to receiving an application that proves effort and how you best bring your skills and your personal qualities into the job.

The workload is typically 2-3 days per week, with shift durations varying between eight and ten hours. The job requires both day and evening  shift coverage. Flexibility is provided in exam periods. If you live in Aarhus, Centrica has a student employee car driving from Aarhus C to Aalborg and back every day. 

Use this opportunity to apply for a serious steppingstone to launch your future career – we look forward to hearing from you!



At Centrica we embrace diversity and actively seek to attract individuals with unique backgrounds and perspectives. To build a more sustainable future, we need the best team – a team with a diverse mix of people and skills, where everyone feels welcome and able to succeed. We are dedicated in helping to close the diversity gap across the technology sector and would love to see more females, people of colour and LGBTQ+ employees, as well as those from a variety of cultures and ethnicity to veterans and the differently abled which is why we aim to fight the unconscious biases. Belonging to these groups does not give you special advantages in the recruitment process either as we aim to hire the best candidate for our teams independently of the above-mentioned factors. Supporting diversity and inclusion is a big part of who we are, we are not looking for people to fit into our culture but to add to it!