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The worldwide nursing shortage is currently crippling hospitals and care homes, and the new technologies will play a crucial role in saving the healthcare system from collapse. At we operate differently than the traditional companies in the field, by having a relentless focus on the product and users and developing solutions at lightning speed. In 2 years, has developed and commercialized a fully-fledged AI product, used by healthcare workers every day and covering more than 200 patient rooms to date. Absolutely, let's find a middle ground.

The Job
At, we're scaling up and enhancing our innovative approach to healthcare tech. We need an enthusiastic student worker who's excited about the tangible side of technology – the hardware. But beyond just assembly, you'll be instrumental in ensuring each device runs seamlessly. This means diving into testing and refining, and if you're up for it, bringing some innovation to our procedures. 

Here's a snapshot of your role:

  • Hands-on assembly of our advanced hardware devices.
  • Streamlining and, where possible, automating testing procedures to make sure our products are top-tier.
  • Collaborating with our in-house hardware and software engineers to enhance the production process and troubleshoot challenges.

This is a part-time gig, but it promises a solid blend of hands-on experience and collaborative learning. It's designed for electrical or mechanical engineering students who want more than just textbook knowledge. 

What you should bring to the table:

  • A good grasp of electrical or mechanical engineering concepts.
  • Some programming chops to aid in automation.
  • An eagerness to dive in, learn, and contribute to a dynamic production environment.

It's a bonus if you:

  • Have experience with any automated testing tools.
  • Have juggled both hardware and software in previous projects.

At we’re a driven team. If you've got the enthusiasm for hardware and an itch to innovate, we'd love for you to be a part of our journey.

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