About Toptutors

At TopTutors, we inspire students to reach their full potential - no matter where they live. We are an online platform offering 1-1 tutoring in all subjects for students from 6-20 years old. In an optimal world the perfect tutor lives right around the corner, but that’s simply not the case in real life. Right now, families in many places don’t have access to quality tutors. Especially since the best tutors usually live in the university cities, so many kids never receive the help they desperately need. TopTutors is creating a category for online tutoring, where geography and transportation no longer is a problem. We want to inspire the next generation of students to reach their full potential, because we believe that anyone can learn anything with an inspiring teacher. Student and tutor share an online digital whiteboard designed for educational purposes. Our students love us, because they get an ideal learning experience from the comfort of their home. We are headquartered in Copenhagen. We are scaling rapidly and need to increase our team.