Sensitivus builds on a 6+ man-year effort to develop a low-cost high-quality bike power meter based on patented optical sensor technology from Danish Technical University.

Unfortunately, this laser sensor technology turned out to be not quite mature yet, so the industry side of the project turned to proven strain gauge sensors instead and transformed all the science and patents into a very robust low-cost power meter. Sensitivus Gauge is the result of this shift in focus from new sensor technology to known and proven strain gauges – and from university to industry.

Bike power (watts) is the best indicator of training load or performance – independent of shape, terrain, wind, etc. This is the next big thing in bike training after heart rate sensors.

To democratize the access to power for training, everything at Sensitivus is designed for low costs: technology, manufacturing process, etc. This is also why we don’t try to build a brand and sell to cyclists directly. It is simply much more efficient to leverage brands that are already in the market. The product is the technology required to integrate the power sensor into new and exciting products.

We are located in the number one bike country: Denmark. Here we grow up with bikes as an integral part of daily life. Some turn more serious about it, and all have very intimate first-hand experiences with the tough life of bike components: salt, snow, rain, etc. We bring this experience into the design along with the simple, yet advanced technology.

Sensitivus means “sensitive” in Latin, just in case you were curious.