Om OJ Electronics A/S

Know-how Creates 50 years of new opportunities
In 2014, OJ Electronics marks 50 years of designing and developing electronic controls for underfloor heating and HVAC controls and power. During that time, we have amassed application-specific experience and know-how that allows us to create innovative standard and customised solutions that support and build our customers’ business.

Our focus is developing and producing products with high quality, functionality, reliability, design and intuitive operation.

We are headquartered in Sønderborg, Denmark where our products are available through distributors worldwide. We hold a strong international position with subsidiaries and sales offices placed in global markets, including UK, US, Russia, and Poland.

Sustainability in focus
OJ Electronics is committed to developing intelligent solutions that ensure maximum comfort with the least possible energy consumption. At the end of the day, our products help create intelligent and energy-efficient solutions for indoor climate management - whether it be controls for electric or hydronic floor heating or HVAC controls and power.

Read more about our sustainability practices here.