Om Certifer

CERTIFER is a French company founded in 1997. At CERTIFER, we are rail specialists, and have been for more than 25 years. Our specialisation is our strength, guaranteeing support at the cutting edge of innovation and in-depth, constantly updated knowledge of regulatory frameworks.

We operate in the field of guided ground transport (trains, trams, metros, autonomous vehicles, etc.), and we can also help you certify your piling, hoisting & lifting equipment.

To help you meet the growing challenges in terms of quality, safety and sustainable development for all your mobility needs. Our 300 employees and 500 experts, working all over the world, will guide you in controlling risks, ensuring compliance with ever-changing regulations and in all your innovative projects.

70% of our capital is held by APAVE, an international group specialised in risk management with more than 150 years of experience. 30% of the capital is held by the CERTIFER Association, which brings together SNCF (French Railways), RATP (Paris Transportation Authority), FIF (Association of rail manufacturers), Institut Gustave Eiffel (research and university).