Om 2030 Builders

We created a platform that helps companies implement sustainability in organisational culture through employee engagement. Knowledge, engage, practice. Combining behavioural change elements and gamification. We make sustainability relatable and actionable. For a resonating impact – just like the water ripples. To accelerate the sustainability transition. To enable all your employees to act, contribute and deliver on sustainability.

2030 Builders developed an SDG Design Sprint with the purpose of helping organisations address the 2030 Agenda. Back then, our target audience was comprised of decision-makers – mainly steering committees, boards, and senior managers. We aimed to help them understand how SDGs can involve risks and opportunities for their organisations. After talking to over 150 companies, we understood that the insufficient level of initiative in organisations was linked with a lack of common understanding of sustainability. Since then, 2030 Builders has focused on developing an innovative experience that helps align and explain sustainability in a corporate setting.