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Sani Membranes ApS is a product and business development company within fine filters and sanitary membrane filter elements, selling through committed system builders and OEM’s. 
Sani Membranes ApS is proudly owned privately by founder and since December 2015 by a partnership with Johs. Tandrup A/S, a larger Danish plastic component supplier. Tandrup will bring in expertice in plastic production, molding and assembly, as well as marketing and management support. 
Up to December the partnership was with SDTI (Sydansk Teknologisk Inovation) a Danish start up support venture. 
Proof of Concept phase started in 2013 and finalized end 2015. In-house Lab scale tests started in Q2-14 and first Customer pilot tests from Q1-15. First commercial release primo 2016.
A number of larger pilot plants will be established from primo 2016. These will be partly supported by Grøn Omstillingsfond to support the development of an ENERGY SAVING and cleaner membrane element for the process and water industry.

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