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Odense C.

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E-mail: omt@odensemaritime.dk

Om Odense Maritime Technology

Who are we?
Odense Maritime Technology (OMT) was founded in 2010 as a spin-off from Odense Steel Shipyard. Today we employ 80 people in ship design, production technique, consultancy services and project management.

The whole world is our market. OMT’s unique strength is based on our technological expertise and experience as well as the high-tech design tools we have at our disposal within ship design and building, enabling OMT to impact the development of new products for ship designs, retrofit of ships, layout of shipyards and production technology.

OMT’s team consists of highly qualified naval architects, mechanical engineers, project managers and consultants. A heavy growth over the next years is expected.

In Odense Maritime Technology A/S we experience a continuous increase in the number of assignments within the ship design area, and for that reason we are looking for committed colleagues daring to take on the challenge of international consultancy within the maritime world.

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