The FLSmidth spirit

“The atmosphere here is very social, and the level of kindness and tolerance is high. No matter your nationality, you meet colleagues who take an interest in you. On top of that, I really thrive in an environment where I’m encouraged to satisfy my professional curiosity every day.”

These are the words of one of our many Engineers. We hope that one day these words could be yours. Because the words express what we aim to do - to a large extent. We want to break new land, to combine good ideas and first-class technology - and in that way turn what seems to be impossible challenges into innovative solutions.

We can only do this if we care for each other. If we take a genuine interest in our colleagues, as professionals and as people. Every Monday must be a good day for all of us. A day to meet inspiring people and meet new and exciting challenges. No matter if you have been employed 34 years or 34 hours.

So far, we are on the right track. Today FLSmidth is the world’s leading supplier of plants, machinery, services and spare parts for the minerals and cement industries.

One third of all the world’s cement is produced using FLSmidth technology. Even then, we have managed to grow our mineral business to be even bigger than our cement division over the past 10 years.

FLSmidth has local presence in more than 50 countries and activities across the globe. In fact, 99% of our business is done outside Denmark. We are 15,900 employees worldwide, and our annual turnover is approx. 3.3 billion Euro.

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The FLSmitdh spirit


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