What’s the first thing you do when you unbox a shining new tech toy? If you’re anything like us, you test every single microscopic aspect of it, finding all the things it can and can’t do, exploring all the ways it can be broken or improved. Could you imagine doing that for a living? Well, then keep reading.

Jabra is one of the most recognized audio brands in the world. With that label comes high expectations for our products. We want to continue giving our beloved customers the best possible experience with their Jabra products, which means avoiding failure and confusion and delighting in how robust, intuitive, and generally cool our products are.

Professionally fanatical tech-tester
The bread and butter of your new job is to understand users’ product expectations, devising experiments based on these, carrying out said experiments and reporting your findings to product quality managers and the whole of the development team.

Aside from testing and reporting, you will also get to:

  • Test benchmark experiences for new and existing experiences we intend to develop
  • Generate experiments to assess abstract ideas, producing mock-ups or partial prototypes – this could be everything from a cardboard or paper-based illustration of an experience to an actual working emulation of a product
  • Include available customer data and feedback into tangible improvement ideas

(Very) early-stage development
Full disclosure, your new department doesn’t technically exist yet – but that’s a good thing! Getting in on the ground floor means you have a high degree of influence on how we do things. This way you will not only be part of defining your own workday and the practices within the department; you will also be part of defining the team and who we are within the Jabra company at large.

Character above credentials
The only tangible qualification we expect from you is that you speak and write English. What matters more is that you have the right personality, that you are comfortable stepping into an unexplored, uncertain environment, and that you come at it with a curious and cooperative mindset.

Sure, if you have some user level testing experience either from a previous job or your education, that’s great, and if you have previously captivated audiences with your tech reviews or other on-screen performances, that might be even better. However, the right character is infinitely more important than the right education, companies or positions on your resumé.

Sound interesting?
In the spirit of doing things a little different, we don’t want your traditional resumé. Instead, you must make a two-minute video, showcasing a feature of a random product (not necessarily Jabra) that you either like or maybe don’t like, and make us understand why this is an important, but not obvious observation.

To submit your video, please do the following:  

1. Record (and possibly edit) the video, make it no more than two minutes long.

2. Upload it to somewhere where we can get it from (onedrive, dropbox, google drive etc.).

3. Include a link to the video in your application in the field [i.e. Website].

Please submit your video (as well as your contact information etc.) by using the ‘Ansøg’ link no later than June 23, 2021.
(NB: our system does not support upload of files larger than 5 MB with your application, sorry)

You will be working out of our Ballerup office together with two colleagues and reporting to our Product Quality Management organization.

For more information about the job (it’s a little vague, we know), please contact Mikkel Salling, +45 21 65 19 65.


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