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Talented Agile Software Developers for game-changing technology

If you are a talented, passionate, innovative and ambitious software developer looking to play a key role in a successful and rapidly expanding start up, we can offer you the challenge and opportunity that you are looking for.

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The job roles
We seek 5 developers with an urge to excel in one of the following job roles:

Software developer with flair for User Experience design:

  • Use case driven design and development of graphical user interface / mobile app development
  • Influential in frontend / backend architecture, design and implementation and verification
  • Device configuration management and secure software update mechanisms
  • Continuous integration and deployment

Software developer for signal and data processing:

  • Embedded development spanning both fast prototypes and end product implementation
  • Signal processing engineering; simulation and implementation of complex algorithms
  • Test driven development and continuous integration

System software development and control processing:

  • Embedded and/or middleware application development
  • Focus on robust operational system software designs and implementation
  • Software management, tools and automation

About You
You are hungry to learn:

  • Ability to solve complex problems at hand and show results in timely manner
  • Self-starter and focused
  • Like to challenge how to develop software smarter and you may even follow trends and tools in open software engineering communities
  • Applying new methods / programming patterns is of your interest and you know when to stick to a pattern to get the job done

You are qualified and/or experienced:

  • Have an MSc/BSc engineering degree or equivalent.
  • If you finish your studies this summer, we would like to hear from you as well
  • Have an agile mindset and have preferably worked in a SCRUM team or equivalent
  • Work proficiently in Linux and preferably embedded platforms
  • Fluent in English

You appreciate a sociable, friendly and supportive working environment:

  • You value technical expertise and can engage with the business as a whole
  • You favor deep collaboration and knowledge sharing as a natural force to achieve team results 

Your future team

  • Use C/C++, Matlab, Python, MySQL, Git, Linux, TDD, Ruby, Angular JS
  • Is a highly inventive and skilled team with years of experience in building low-field NMR technology for a range of industrial and laboratory applications
  • Has a skillset ranging from analog and digital hardware design, embedded software, mathematical models, databases, test and the list keeps growing
  • Learns from practical experiments and we build prototypes and our own tools whenever there are things we believe is worth trying – it even involves robots.

You are interested in

  • Agile methodologies to drive software product quality to new standards.
  • Building high performance quality software and automation
  • Becoming a technologist working with a group of other talented engineers
  • Team play and eager to excel in a dynamic, yet focused collaborative environment
  • Closing the gap between fast prototyping and final product solutions
  • Fun and rewarding teamwork

Nanonord is an experienced technology driven company focusing on NMR spectroscopy applied in sensor technologies and we are currently bringing the TveskaegTM product to the world market.

TveskaegTM measures and computes the contents of various chemical compounds e.g. in bio- and waste water treatments plants and also in numerous other industries. The versatile TveskaegTM technology has proved to be highly successful and has attracted attention from major retailers, investors and end-users.

With goals at create a billion-dollar company in the next 5 years so we are looking for experienced and ambitious individuals with the energy to drive our technology forward.

The technology we have and the market we are targeting gives us a great opportunity to change the game in this nascent space. Will you be part of this?

How to apply
We are doing ongoing interviewing until June 30th so please apply now. Please send your application and CV via the application form below. Also, feel free to contact Anders Jørgensen at +45 2162 4810 for questions regarding these job openings. 

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16. maj 2017
30. juni 2017