We deliver award-winning sports betting products used all over the world. As a developer at Shape Games, you can pride yourself on building products used by millions of people and have fun while doing it. Shape Games is known for building high-quality mobile apps that tackle real problems and push businesses forward. At Shape Games, you will be working closely together with talented designers and developers to build awesome mobile apps. You will put your existing skills to good use, and learn new ones by working together with other skilled people. We hope that you also want to share your knowledge with co-workers and assume you are as eager to follow the newest technology trends as the rest of us. What we are looking for: 

  • A background in building web applications and proficiency in React or another front end framework.
  • Advanced knowledge and understanding of JavaScript and ES6. Possibly also TypeScript.
  • Experience with serverside technologies, serverside rendering and API design.
  • Proficient understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues and ways to work around such issues.
  • Motivation to become a part of, and learn from a team of experienced and passionate developers for web, iOS and Android.

Web frontend development @ Shape Games
The 9 members of the web team have a big passion for the open web as a platform. Once per week the team spends an afternoon on building some experimental tools they think can benefit the team or the entire organisation. The technologies used for frontend web development are ever changing but some keywords that have been around with us for a while include TypeScript, React, and Next.js.

The organisation
We strive to keep our organisational hierarchy flat without unnecessary layers of management, relying on team leads with technical backgrounds. Our team is very international and so far includes people from 29 different countries. Our working language is English around the office to include everyone. Our office is on Islands Brygge where we host social events, keynotes, Fifa tournaments, morning runs (and swims), Friday bars, board game nights, family LEGO days and much more. A couple of times each year we press pause on our daily projects and relocate to a remote venue. We get together for socialising and hacking on side projects - we call this Shape Weekend. It is a lot of fun.

A student job
As a student, you will get an experienced mentor who will help you learn everything you need at an accelerated pace. The majority of student developers who graduated have decided to continue their careers in Shape Games as a full-time engineer. The student job is expected to be 15-20 hours per week. Each semester we plan how the work can fit with your university schedule.

Please write in your application that you've seen the job at Jobfinder.