Alpha Energy ApS is a small quantitative energy trading company located in Aabyhøj, Denmark. We trade electricity in a large portion of the liberal power markets in Europe via our automated trading systems. More detailed information about Alpha Energy can be found below.

Bringing aboard a software developer to Alpha Energy will provide significant added value to the company. Although we, the current employees, enjoy coding and dedicate much of our time to it, it is not our primary expertise or interest. Our main focus lies in machine learning and trading algorithms. Therefore, we are seeking a person dedicated to software tasks at Alpha Energy. Ideally, this person would take responsibility and ownership of current and future software tasks such as:

  • Cloud infrastructure, including databases and compute clusters
  • Data scraping
  • Data loading
  • API integrations to external services such as data providers and exchanges

A good fit
A good fit for this position is a person who:

  • Holds a degree in software development and/or has extensive experience working in the field of software development.
  • Is highly driven and likes to work independently.
  • Is willing and able to take responsibility for and ownership of major parts of the software tasks at Alpha Energy.
  • Has a strong background in computer science and the drive to remain on top of these skills and new technologies.
  • Likes doing things the right way and enjoys improving code quality across the whole code base.
  • Has a humble and warm attitude.
  • Enjoys working in an informal and non-bureaucratic environment.


  • Start date: As soon as possible.
  • Location: In person at our office in Aabyhøj, fully remote, or a combination of both. For compliance and risk reasons, we will only accept remote work from an individual based in a European country.
  • Compensation: We offer a fixed salary, company shares, and/or bonuses based on the candidate's preference.
  • Working hours: Working hours can be flexible throughout the week based on the candidate’s preference. However, there should be a significant overlap with traditional daytime office hours to facilitate discussions and collaboration. Occasionally, there may be a need to work outside regular hours if urgent problems arise. However, this situation typically occurs only a few times per year.

Our tech stack
Our infrastructure is based around AWS, and we use services such as Aurora PostgreSQL, Athena, Redis, and CloudFormation. Our primary programming language is Python and we use packages such as LightGBM, XGBoost and JAX, and Equinox.

Contact us
If you feel you are a good match for the position and would like to apply, or if you have any questions, please contact us at When you apply, please include your diploma and CV. Also, if possible, please send a package of code that you have written, and are able to share, in order for us to get an indication of your coding style. Finally, please also indicate in your application your preference for working on-site or remotely.

About Alpha Energy
Founded in 2022 in Aabyhøj, Denmark, Alpha Energy is an energy trading company led by founders with extensive energy trading experience and academic backgrounds in statistics and optimization. The company's business case revolves around trading in the short-term European power markets using fully automated trading algorithms. The algorithms forecast future electricity prices using machine learning models and execute trades accordingly. This approach helps to stabilize the power grid and, thereby, generates profits for both the company and society. Alpha Energy has proven its viability with good financial results in its first 2.5 years of operation.

At Alpha Energy, our vision is to create what we consider the perfect workplace: exciting, meaningful work with maximum freedom. Some of the ingredients we have used to achieve this environment are the following.

  • Automating the entire value chain, from trade execution to accounting, in order to minimize operational/trivial tasks.
  • Maintaining a small core group of employees to avoid becoming corporate/bureaucratic.
  • Minimizing pressure by not having external customers or investors. This way we do not need to manage expectations from outside the company, and we have few deadlines. We only have to prove ourselves to ourselves.
  • Adjusting work hours based on what makes sense for our individual situations, taking into account factors like family needs, vacation plans, etc.

The result is a workplace where we focus on the challenges and topics that interest us, and we spend a significant portion of our time discussing ideas, concepts, and technologies. Furthermore, we foster a warm and friendly office environment. Other than technical topics, we also spend a large amount of time discussing other aspects of life that we find interesting.

Alpha Energy's vision is to remain a small company with at most ~5 employees while expanding our trading activities through the creation of automated systems and enhanced algorithms. We aim to maintain our bureaucracy-free company environment while engaging in meaningful and challenging work with a high level of enjoyment.

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