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DTU Biosustain has a vacancy in the Bacterial Signal Transduction group headed by Professor Ivan Mijakovic. The focus of our research is protein phosphorylation, a reversible post-translational modification which forms the basis of many signalling and regulatory mechanisms in the bacterial cell. We study bacterial cell factories, employing phosphorylation systems to improve their yield, and bacterial pathogens, to exploit phosphorylation systems as targets for development of new antibacterial drugs.

The research field of the position is within the field of bacterial signal transduction, specifically protein Ser/Thr/Tyr phosphorylation and protein acetylation. We employ mass spectrometry-based proteomics to analyse the PTM proteomes combined with functional characterisation studies to evaluate the impact of specific PTMs. This is done both in model organisms such as B. subtilis and pathogenic bacteria e.g. Vibrio cholerae. Additionally, we aim to integrate phosphorylation based regulatory circuits in cell factories.

Responsibilities and tasks 
The candidate will initially be involved in, and support, currently running phosphoproteomics projects as well as projects on cell factory development. The candidate is further expected to initiate new activities in the laboratory related to e.g. other PTMs in other model systems and/or in the context of cell factories to select new target compounds and develop production strains. Besides outlining and executing new research ideas/projects, the candidate is expected to aid in preparing grant application to support the research. 

As an integrated part of the job, the candidate is expected to contribute to guidance and supervision of Postdocs, PhD, MSc and BSc students.

Candidates must
•    hold a PhD degree (or equivalent), as well as academic qualifications equivalent to those obtained by holding a position as a researcher or postdoc.
The candidate is expected to have strong experience in the field of protein phosphorylation and/or acetylation, specifically both in mass spectrometry-based proteomics, functional characterisation of PTM-proteins, and genetic engineering.
Applicants must possess and document a strong experimental expertise as well as a substantial theoretical expertise in protein phosphorylation and/or acetylation; documentation should be in the form of publications in international scientific journals. Specifically, the candidate should master molecular biology and biochemistry techniques relevant for protein phosphorylation research; experience with Bacillus subtilis would be desirable. 

Candidates who have demonstrated scientific independence will be prioritized, i.e. successful publication track record on topic(s) other than that developed during their PhD studies. Ideally, the candidate has experience in supervision of PhD students. Fluency in English, excellent communication and collaborations skills, as well as independence in paper and project writing are prerequisites for this position.

In the assessment of the candidates, consideration will be given to: 

  • Research impact and experience, funding track record, and research vision 
  • Societal impact
  • Documented innovation activities, including commercialization and collaboration with industry
  • International impact and experience
  • Leadership potential and collaboration
  • Communication skills

Further information 
Further information may be obtained from Ivan Mijakovic ivmi@biosustain.dtu.dk 

You can read more about Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability on www.biosustain.dtu.dk

Application procedure
Please submit your online application no later than 24 September 2018. 

To view the full announcement and to apply use the “Ansøg” link. 

Please write in your application that you've seen the job at Jobfinder