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At Netcompany, you will deliver IT solutions that make Denmark smarter… and that is a promise!

We help to digitise the Danish public sector every day. As part of our team, you will help the public sector save the taxpayer millions by developing streamlining solutions to make living in Denmark easier. You will be assisting private sector organisations to ensure transparency and efficiency in their business and thereby consolidate their competitiveness. You will be designing IT solutions for NGOs and humanitarian organisations to give them the opportunity to boost the use of their funds and make an even greater difference where it really matters.

We are consultants. We have a dress code and we are more than averagely proud of what we do. We wear business suits to show our clients that we take their challenges seriously. That is why we dress for the occasion and we take pride in succeeding in what we are passionate about - namely making our clients even better at what they do. 

So how about it? Do you want to help us make Denmark smarter?

Lots of responsibility from Day 1
We do not believe that you will get better at what you do from pushing papers around a desk for the first three months of your new job. That is why you will be contributing to our solutions from your very first day at Netcompany. You will participate in analytical and design work and client workshops - and you will, of course, be coding both on your own and as part of a team because we know that you cannot wait to get stuck into our solutions.

You will encounter many different types of solution, with many different clients, based on many different technologies. The technology you will be working on will vary as it will depend on the project and the client, but the majority of our projects use web-based technologies such as Java and .NET. We also work with SharePoint, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft SQL Server, Sitecore, EPiServer, Oracle Database, Oracle Service Bus and Weblogic Server.

Join us
We are busy and we need more talented people to join us, people who are able to contribute to our enthusiasm for what we are building. We expect that you:

  • have a Master’s degree in computer science, software, IT etc. and have recently graduated or have a couple of years’ experience
  • were among the best graduates in your year 

You must be prepared for a steep learning curve, asking for advice and sharing your knowledge. Being passionate about what you do is no problem - because so are we.

Our business is geared to making you smarter
Netcompany consists of a group of young, well-educated and sharp minds who want to develop into being the best in the business. Every day you will be working with people who have the same background as you. You will be bouncing your ideas off them, asking their advice and learning from them. At Netcompany, it is important that you do ask - otherwise you will never improve your skills.

You will also become a part of Netcompany Academy, our in-house training programme. This will equip you to take on ever more complex projects through a number of modules that will train you in everything from our technologies and the Netcompany Methodology to how best to get a point across. You will also become part of our technical communities and gain certification in the applicable technologies. 

To ensure that you keep track of how you are developing, you will be given feedback on your performance twice a year. You will also be assigned a mentor from Netcompany’s management - your mentor will be someone you will be able to discuss your development and career with as well as your professional interests. 

We want you to improve - quickly. That is why we work hard to ensure that you always have the best environment in which to develop.

Work has to be fun - even when we are not at work
We take fun very seriously. That is why we prioritise the social side of our business very highly - higher than anywhere else in the industry. After work, you are able to challenge your colleagues in our sports clubs, celebrate your work at project events and share experiences that are out of the ordinary at our monthly events and parties. Going to work has to be exciting and challenging, but it will only become serious fun if we also share experiences outside work.

Do you still have questions?
You are always welcome to contact Netcompany on telephone number +45 7013 1440 and ask for Lise Winther Pedersen or Uffe Birkedal in HR. 

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10. november 2016
21. december 2016