Our team is on a mission to accelerate research in healthcare by connecting life-science companies and experts for short video consultations. Our service is facilitated through a platform, which you would be working on alongside our Head of Engineering. 
The purpose of our platform is twofold, on one hand, it supports the Knowledge Gate team internally by making it easier to find, manage and communicate with experts, while on the other it is used by our clients, who use it to browse suggested experts and request consultation. This means that you would be working next to the people who are using the product, so if you like direct feedback this is the job for you!

Who are we looking for? 
We need someone who can quickly understand problems, prioritize accordingly, and comes up with creative solutions, which are turned into production-ready code. We are looking for someone who is NOT a code-perfectionist, but rather someone who is focused on the outcome of the code and the problem it is solving. On top of that, you should be very comfortable building React applications from end to end, and able to work independently. Being in a start-up we never know exactly what the day brings, so thinking on your feet and being ready for a challenge should excite you. The business and product are continously being developed alongside each other, and we need to move fast on new requirements, continuously test them and iterate as much as possible. This means that the code is sometimes thrown away and built up again differently, so we focus on speed rather than spending too much time making perfect code. 
Need to have skills: 

  • ReactJS

  • Deep understanding of standard web technologies (Javascript, HTML, CSS)

  • Eager to learn

  • Self-driven

  • Problem-oriented

Nice to have skills: 

  • Firebase

  • NodeJS

  • TailwindCSS

  • Chrome Extensions

  • Browser automation (e.g. puppeteer)

​​​​​​​If it sounds like something for you, please write a bit about yourself and complete the following task, instead of writing a full application and CV. We are way more interested in seeing your skills than your credentials. 

We want to see how you think and wanted to give some room for creativity, so we decided to keep the task completely open. 

  • Choose a project/task you think would be fun to make and you can complete in an hour

  • Record the whole process of doing the task, so we can see how you approach the problem and your coding capabilities.

  • If you use Firebase/Firestore or TailwindCSS, it’s a plus

  • Write a little bit about yourself and how you like to work

  • Upload the video somewhere (Dropbox, Drive, or similar) and add the link to the video into the text

​​​​​​​For more information or questions please contact us at christian@knowledgegategroup.com or phone number +4522952592.

Please write in your application that you've seen the job at Jobfinder.