Then this opportunity might be interesting to you. We are a deep tech start-up, named PerPlant, who is on a mission to help farmers transition into sustainable agriculture by use of AI & sensor technology. We are building a start-up that uses camera sensors, computer vision and AI on the edge to help farmers monitor their fields, including pest pressure and biomass levels. This allows farmers to gain insight on where to spray and how much spraying of chemicals (pesticide and fertilizers) is precisely needed, which reduces their cost for chemicals and the negative impact that chemicals have on the environment, human health, biodiversity, and climate.

We are looking for someone who:

  • Is excited about mechanical design both static and dynamic
  • Is experienced with mechanical structural and product design(CAD modeling software) and Rapid prototyping(3D printing)
  • Is experienced with working with mechatronics sensors(IMU-GPS) and microcontrollers(Arduino and raspberry-pi), and low-level controllers and sensors.
  • Plus to have experience in ML for mechatronics or sensor data.(Not mandatory)
  • Can work fast and in an iterative way
  • Is not afraid to use their hands when needed

Tasks you’ll be involved in:

  • Designing, manufacturing, and testing mechanical components for sensor and tractor mounts
  • Building test setups for rigorous testing of designed components
  • Working with the integration of electrical and mechanical components of the product
  • Developing low-level embedded code for the sensor integration
  • Assist the team in field testing projects and tasks with great responsibility
  • Interdisciplinary discussions with mechanical, and robotics. and software engineers but also business and web development colleagues

What do we offer:

  • An attractive internship in a small and agile team, with continuous sparring with the remaining team
  • A workplace in an innovation hub surrounded by other exciting startups and projects
  • Due to the small size of the team, you will have the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of tasks and you’ll have a big say in what you’ll be working on
  • A flexible workplace with a young founder team
  • Learning and adopting new skills
  • Possibility to pursue new interests
  • All the coffee and snacks you can absorb

Application process:
Deadline: NA. The internship is unpaid and the duration will be set to match the requirements set by your line of study. The address of employment is BLOXHUB, Bryghusgade 8, 3, 1473, 1473 København K. For more information or questions please contact us at or phone number +46793035803

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