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This includes designing the frame of both the drone and the platform it will land and recharge in. Possible tasks can include: 
Drone part:

  • Design a drone frame with specific criteria and keeping future manufacturing in mind.
  • Create 3D model of the frame.
  • Manufacture prototype and investigate external manufacturers.
  • Assemble and test prototype.

Landing platform part:

  • Design the landing platform's base with specific criteria.
  • Design the moving parts (linear actuators and gears) and select components.
  • Calculate forces and torques and check feasibility.
  • Manufacture prototype and investigate external suppliers.
  • Assemble and test prototype.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for a talented student who can assist us in the above described engineering internship / project. Ideally you:

  • Are passionate about technology (... duh, you are an engineer).
  • Like to get things done (... who does not?).
  • Can work independently (... we all need to grow up at some point).
  • Speak English (... if you are reading this without google translate, you will be fine).
  • Are creative and have an open mindset (... startups are built on ideas afterall).
  • Have experience with a 3D modelling software, ideally Inventor.
  • Have experience in mechanical design and assembly.
  • Have experience in building and manufacturing parts.

What you get out of it?
IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT WE ARE NOT IN THE SITUATION TO PAY FOR THE INTERNSHIP / PROJECT AND WE CAN NOT PROMISE TO HIRE ANYONE AFTER. If you are still reading after this demotivating sentence, lets see what you can get out of this: Working in an entrepreneurial environment like ours can be a huge improvement both on technical and personal aspects, since most of the work done will be used in our final product. This can be a unique reference point later in your career. You also get to be part of a fun, international group who beside taking their work seriously, regularly organizing after-work activities. Free coffee! If you want to learn more about our company, do not hesitate to check out our website ( or contact us! For more information or questions please contact us at or phone number +4522449761. We hope to hear from you! 

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