We are always looking for passionate and motivated people who want to get started in the professional world of front-end development. Are you one of those? Then this is your place!

Who is Twentyfour?
Twentyfour is a 10-year-old online software development agency working in the cool 24Labs (24labs.dk) on Amager in Copenhagen together with companies such as Eatie, EasyPractice, Triptale and few others. We are a team of around 30 people, including 10 different nationalities. However, we all have a couple of things in common. The first one is the desire to be involved with difficult projects and complex solutions. The second one is that we all like to have a cold beer on Fridays with our lovely colleagues. 

What we do: 
We solve problems for our customers by developing, integrating and maintaining complex systems and websites. We do this by providing our team with the tools, challenges and colleagues needed in order to solve interesting problems and enjoy their day-to-day with as little unnecessary stress as possible while we grow our business areas and transition to become primarily driven by recurring revenue. This way we can work our best with the customers, projects and products that are the right match. We work with large Danish institutions and corporations such as Danmarks Nationalbank, Ørsted, DR, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Green Mobility, Ferrosan, Amnesty International, Folketinget (The Danish Parliament) and many more. 

For this position specifically, you'll be working with one of the products developed by Twentyfour - Boligforeningsweb. Boligforeningsweb is a product developed by Twentyfour in collaboration with Andelsboligforeningernes Fællesrepræsentation (ABF). The product is primarily aimed at Danish Andelsboligforeninger (shared ownership housing cooperatives) that would like to have a website to show their association externally and also have an intranet for the residents with all the important information. The idea is to provide a simple website template that is easy to work with and manage by people who don’t necessarily have extensive technical knowledge. At the same time it gives the opportunity to customize the pages via a frontend editor to give them a personal touch for people who are willing to put some extra effort into it.

Who are you?
We imagine that your studies are about web development, computer science or similar. You are a rationally thinking, hard working person and a good team player but also know how to work independently and you are not afraid of challenges or taking responsibility. We expect you to be creative and to not be afraid to speak up your mind. Your nationality or background does not matter, but we expect you to be very interested in learning and it is required that you know at least HTML, CSS and JavaScript and/or some other relevant programming language.

Our program: 
We have two internship programs:    

  • 10 weeks full time    

  • 4-6 months full time

The 10 weeks internship is aimed at students from KEA or similar educational institutions. After the 10 weeks, we have good experience with interns writing their final project in collaboration with Twentyfour. The 4-6 months internship is aimed at students who wants to dive into some of our bigger projects. And 10 weeks would not be enough for these projects. But do not worry. No matter which program you apply for, you will not be brewing coffee for anyone. We like to take good care of our interns and assign you with a mentor during your time here. After a completed internship, we always consider increasing our team. Therefore, we usually hire two to four interns each year after their programs if there is a good match. 

For this position, the typical tasks that you can expect to work with are:

  1. Maintenance of the solution

  2. Fixing bugs reported by users

  3. Implementing new features to the theme

  4. Developing internal tools to make it easier to maintain the solution

Our solution consists of the website template (frontend & backend) and an architecture around it that makes generating and maintaining websites easier. You’ll get the chance to work with the different parts of the solution with the possibility of specializing in a particular area depending on your competencies and personal interests. While you’ll be working specifically with the BFW product, you’ll be part of Twentyfour’s development team. This means that you’ll have the opportunity to get help and support from our entire development team working on a wide range of different projects.

The tech stack that you’ll work with is:

  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript

  • Stylus / jQuery / Bootstrap

  • PHP

  • Python

  • Docker

  • Git / BitBucket

Besides technical skills, you’ll also learn about:

  • Product and project management

  • Customer relationship management

  • Quality assurance

How to apply: 
Send an application, along with your CV via The Hub. For more information or questions please contact us at dc@twentyfour.dk

Please write in your application that you've seen the job at Jobfinder.