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What we Offer 
We offer the opportunity to join an experienced team at Widex Global Research and Development, with focus on Algorithms for hearing-aid features, audio processing and digital communication. We work in all stages of development from research to implementation and test. We offer professional development of the competences needed for you to contribute to the creation of the best hearing aids in the world. Widex hearing aids are renowned for their quality and their persistent emphasis on delivering clear and natural sound. Signal processing algorithms are developed in-house, and our ASIC designers and embedded software developers implement the solutions in custom-made ASICs. Thereby, we can handle a high computational complexity at the limited power budget provided by a hearing aid battery. 

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Your responsibilities 
You will be part of etiher specialized or cross-functional development teams following agile work principles. Depending on qualifications you may be assigned an expertise area, in which you must excel in absorbing state-of-the-art possibilities into Widex technologies and systems. The work pushes the limits of the technology and we expect you to contribute to the ground-breaking performance of our world-class hearing aids for the benefit of hearing-aid users. 
Key tasks include: 

  • Invention, proof-of-concept and prototyping of signal-processing algorithms for integration in hearing aids or in connected devices (such as smartphones). 
  •  Specification, simplifications and fixed-point implementations and test of algorithms on PC-based simulators and FPGAs. 
  •  Understanding user needs and exploring the challenges of hearing-aid users. 
  •  Assuring high level of quality level in implementation and documentation for handover to ASIC design and embedded software development. 
  •  Technology monitoring and integration of new technologies into Widex’ solutions. 

You are driven by curiosity in the search for the best solutions for people who are challenged in communication. You have skills to contribute to the advancement of high quality hearing-aid platforms.  You can exemplify successes within your area of expertise, preferably in relation to product development. You work comfortably and efficiently in teams, towards a common goal. You are creative when facing complex problems.  
Requirements are: 

  • M.Sc., Ph.D. or equivalent within the fields of digital signal processing, control theory and/or machine learning 
  •  Proficiency in Matlab and C/C++. Proficiency in Python is desirable 
  •  At least 5 years of experience within audio signal processing or relevant technology 
  •  Fluency in written and spoken English  

Desired qualifications are experience within: 

  • Adaptive systems and stochastic signal processing 
  •  Data analysis, parameter estimation, optimization, machine learning 
  •  Acoustics, Psychoacoustics 
  •  Numerical implementation techniques of complex solutions  

Join Widex 
Please submit your application as soon as possible, but no later than August 21. We will screen and invite candidates for interviews on an ongoing basis. If you require further information about this position, please contact: Morten Løve Jepsen, Team Leader - Algorithm & Sound via e-mail: moje@widex.com 

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06. juli 2017
21. august 2017