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Are you the special application wizard of the food/dairy/chemicals solution industry? And do you want to know everything there is to know about infrared/visual cameras, inline powder sampling devices and advanced cleaning nozzles? Can you fuel our strategy to expand our portfolio of digital solutions? Do you have experience in improving and modifying modern industry and in making our installations preform even better than before? Then you are the candidate we are looking for!

PTC Drying, the drying technology HQ in GEA, has some distinct characteristics, i.e., highly customized and modularized spray-, freeze- and fluid bed drying solutions for big projects. We design solutions to meet the specific needs of our customer and create value-add by focusing on core technologies and connected technologies.

Connected technologies - this is where you come in!

The job
The factors for success in this job are deep application know-how, end-to-end process expertise, a good network and knowledge of precise execution of projects.

The connected technology manager will report to the VP Head of PTC drying, Mads Reck.  Mads is an outstanding leader that will have a high focus on your potential. You will experience that Mads will focus on your upsides and tweak this job so you will find yourself performing every day. Mads also offers a clear goal for your success, high level of autonomy and the possibility of cherry-picking other assignments in the department. Furthermore Mads thinks he’s good at drawing, he’s not really though, so expect all kinds of weird sketches on the whiteboard.

Your possibilities
You will have your own dynamic portfolio of connected technologies typically in the late development phase (infrared cameras, measurement devices, visual cameras, cleaning nozzles, etc.). Once you start your new job you will experience that your role is a mixture of internal salesmanship, communicating to R&D what the needs of our customers are tomorrow and driving and owning development projects. One day you find yourself in the process of helping our customers understand the added value of our specialized application, the next day you find yourself in a highly technical dialogue with our R&D about your latest idea for new improvements. Suddenly a site calls in with technical problems on a prototype and off you go.

You will have access to all the resources you need to succeed in this job. But you need to be able to communicate how your ideas will fall into the “success category”. Otherwise, you won’t succeed in including your colleagues. One of the key competencies in this job is communication. You must be able to communicate the potential success of the technology in your portfolio to the internal costumer and communicating your new ideas to colleagues in R&D. We expect you to keep a Birdseye view of the situation but if all other fails, we expect that you “roll up your sleeve” and troubleshooting our customer's problems.

Let’s make a deal.
There are several ways that you can access the job interview. But we find that a bachelor's or master’s degree in engineering and experience from a similar job is a good start. Maybe you have a commercial degree that puts you ahead of the competition. Experience with sales is at plus as profound knowledge in technical specifications is a must. Product management skills would be really handy.

Now that you have read the entire job advertisement we have a good feeling that you are the right candidate. Hurry up and send a short application and CV while we continuously evaluate incoming candidates. Hope to hear from you soon!

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15. februar 2017
31. marts 2017