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Audio Research Engineer - Digital Signal Processing - Audio Algorithms
GN Audio, Ballerup - Denmark 

We are seeking an Audio Research Engineer for Digital Signal Processing

  • Who can strengthen our internal competencies within our future audio product challenges 
  • Who has experience with algorithm development and programming of DSP’s.
  • Who has the ability and will to keep up with development within telecommunication and multimedia 

The position is situated within GN Audio’s Audio Research Group for Acoustics and DSP. A small group focusing on development and evaluation of new algorithms for hands free communication products. And products used for music listening and supporting an active life style.
And working on new test capabilities and development of new test standards.

Working in close relation with our audio group in product development.

Area of Responsibility:

  • Development and improvement of our existing solutions for Digital Signal Processing
  • Development of new algorithms to support the best possible audio quality
  • Specification of system solutions
  • Contact with Universities, business partners and other technical fora’s 
  • Keep up to date with the latest development within your subject area
  • Mediate knowledge to the entire organization

Main Tasks:

  • Development, simulation and documentation of algorithms for audio systems
  • Test of coding techniques, data compression, and transmission systems
  • Evaluation of opportunities in connection to technologies as Bluetooth, DECT, WIFI and the like
  • Global cooperation with leading technology companies 
  • Involved in selection of hardware platforms on future products
  • Assist the implementation and verification of projects
  • Follow up on knowledge and mediation of area of responsibility

Criteria of Success:

  • You know how to get a general view of a complicated problem
  • Secure the professional level to be the best in the business
  • Sharing knowledge with the organization
  • Active participation in the development of successful products within wireless headset products and PC applications


  • We expect you to be MSc in engineering, Ph.D. or similar
  • Specialist within DSP technology and software development
  • Experience in combining Acoustic and Digital Signal Treatment
  • Experienced user of MATLAB
  • Knowledge of machine learning and deep learning techniques 
  • You have experience in working with CODEC’s and data compression
  • You are familiar with the issues of echo cancellation, noise reduction and adaptive filters
  • Possibly you have worked with telecommunication, hearing aids or PC’s on system level
  • Or you have worked with PC interfaces such as USB, Soundcards etc.
  • You are fluent in English as it is the company language 
  • You are able to work cross functional and cross disciplinary

Would you like to know more?
If you want to know more about the position you are welcome to contact Leo Larsen; Senior Director, Audio Research on phone +45 4575 9120

Please write in your application that you've seen the job at Jobfinder

11. april 2017
11. maj 2017