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Associate/Assistant Professor in Engineering Geology
The Department of Civil Engineering at Technical University of Denmark (DTU Civil Engineering) invites applications for an Associate/Assistant Professor position in the Section for Geotechnics and Geology. DTU Civil Engineering is composed of six sections with the Section for Geotechnics and Geology focusing on geology/geotechnics including development of geological energy resources and raw materials.
We seek a researcher within the broad field of engineering geology having a proven publication record (for an associate professor) and experience in collaboration with the industry.

Responsibilities and tasks
The department is looking for a flexible and enthusiastic candidate, who will take part in developing a geological research platform for collaboration with engineers and geo-physicists. In particular, it is expected that the successful candidate will be able to contribute to one or more of the following fields:

  • Exploration for raw materials, including geological field work, use of geophysical methods, and geostatistical analysis.
  • Mineralogy and rock physics/geochemistry, including petrography and rock physical/geochemical modelling.
  • Structural geology, including rock mechanics and fracture analysis.
  • Geoengineering and underground constructions.

Dissemination of research results is expected through scientific publications, interdisciplinary collaborative projects at national and international level, and services to public administrations and the industry. Furthermore, the candidate is expected to seek and achieve external funding.

Educational responsibilities include among other things classroom teaching/lecturing, supervision of individual (or group) projects, and supervision of M.Sc. students, PhD students, and postdocs. The educational responsibilities will to the extent possible be related to the research focus area, however flexibility is required and it is expected that the candidate will be able to cover and contribute to a wide spectrum of topics within basic geology on both bachelor and master level. Please note that the expected teaching on undergraduate level is primarily to be in Danish and on postgraduate level (M.Sc. or PhD) it is required to be in English. Candidates who do not speak Danish should be willing to learn Danish within the first two-three years in order to be able to teach in Danish.
Administrative duties include academic assessment work on all levels.

Other content of the position:

  • Associate Professors – Responsibilities related to PhD and Postdoc supervision, research project management, and academic departmental work.
  • Assistant Professors – will have to complete DTU’s education in university teaching (UDTU) and is expected to co-supervise PhD students.

The candidate is expected to operate within an interdisciplinary research team as well as actively collaborate with other research groups at DTU, e.g. environmental engineering, energy resource engineering, arctic engineering, or building energy.

Candidates for an

  • Assistant Professorship must hold a PhD degree (or relevant)
  • Associate Professorship must hold a PhD degree (or equivalent) as well as academic qualifications equivalent to those obtained by holding an Assistant Professorship and should document didactic/pedagogic training. 

Further qualifications:
All applicants must have a strong background in geology, physics and/or chemistry

Further information 
Further information may be obtained from Professor Ida Lykke Fabricius, tel.: +45 4525 2162.
You can read more about the department at

Application procedure
Please submit your online application no later than 25 April 2017.
To view the full announcement please click on the "Apply" link.

Please write in your application that you've seen the job at Jobfinder

Kongens Lyngby
31. marts 2017
25. april 2017