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Are you passionate about process optimization and automation? Do you have a knack for identifying inefficiencies and implementing solutions to streamline operations? If so, then keep reading - this might be just the internship for you.

Join our internship in Lunar in August 2024!

How we work

Lunar's commitment to efficiency and innovation is exemplified by our Process & Automation department. Our Process & Automation department plays a vital role in optimizing and automating processes. Each team member takes charge of their own tasks and schedule and works independently, though of course always in sync with the rest of the team.

At Lunar, we build the rocket ship while we race to the moon and beyond. We love when people think differently and take ownership of their work-life here. So bring your curiosity and your passion for exploring and get ready for a wild ride.

The role and what you will be doing

Everyone says it. But we mean it. At Lunar you will not just be our intern; you’ll be an integral part of our team. As part of the Process & Automation team, you will work on independent projects, and gain hands-on experience with day-to-day work while being mentored by our skilled team.

As a Process & Automation Intern, you'll be identifying and resolving operational bottlenecks. Dive into data analysis, design and implement automated solutions, and collaborate across teams to optimize workflows. From gathering stakeholder requirements to quality assurance, your role is crucial in shaping the future of Lunar through innovation and efficiency.

We're looking for someone who can answer YES to the following:

  • Pursues studies in fields like Process/Business Optimization, Automation, Engineering, or related areas.

  • Possesses strong analytical skills and an innovative mindset.

  • Demonstrates interest in understanding automation tools and technologies.

  • Exhibits excellent communication skills and the ability to work independently and in teams.

  • Has curiosity and a keen attitude towards learning and development.

Join us at Lunar and seize this opportunity to contribute meaningfully, and accelerate your learning and impact!