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Electronics designer for the development of specialized power supplies

Danfysik A/S in Taastrup is seeking an electronics designer who is passionate about designing power supplies in association with the world’s leading research institutes. The reward is a job where your experience and knowledge help to create value and new results for our customers.

Development and design of highly-specialized high-power supplies for magnets
You will be part of the electronics design group, working with the design and development of both series-produced power supplies and highly-specialized solutions for our customers. It is a varied job where you, and your team, help to push the technology to its fullest in building power supplies that have not yet been built and helping our customers achieve valuable research results.

Your primary work duties are:

  • Development and qualification of series-produced power supplies
  • Development of new features and modules for customized products
  • Customization and production maturation of customized products
  • Development of custom-built power supplies according to customer specifications
  • Preparation of documentation for the product
  • EMC and approval from the regulatory authorities

You will be part of a team that develops entirely new solutions as well as developing and optimizing existing solutions through a module-based approach. You will manage and execute your projects from start to finish yourself, brainstorm with your colleagues and maintain ongoing dialogue with customers about requirements and needs.

An experienced engineer who can develop modular solutions
You have a degree in engineering within electronics, preferably specializing in power electronics. In addition, you have solid, practical design experience in the development of electronics for finished appliances, preferably from a previous position as a design engineer. You can break down your work into more manageable tasks so you get results quickly and efficiently.

You quickly understand our customers’ needs and challenges, and you can transform them into concrete solutions. You have a broad technical knowledge that you bring into play when putting together products and solutions, both when developing existing products and when preparing new products.

Danfysik A/S
We develop, design and manufacture equipment for the global physics research market. Our core products include high-stability power supplies, ion and electron accelerators as well as magnetic systems and components for controlling particle rays. We export to all over the world and are one of the leading suppliers within the field.

If you have any questions regarding the position, please do not hesitate to contact Lars Sigvard Madsen on (tel) +45 7220 1253 

Interviews will be held on an on-going basis, so please send your application ASAP and by 30 August at the latest.

Please write in your application that you've seen the job at Jobfinder.