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You’re a fast-working and eager-to-learn student that has had experience with APIs, database management, structured data sets, data scraping,  and you love to play with integrations. If you’re self-taught, you’re above the rest already. We work with a variety of clients on rolling out unique solutions and tools to help clients scale their business and stay above their competitors.  A significant portion of your time will be spent learning. 


  • Handle common database procedures, such as scraping, identifying fields, creating queries, using automation tools. 

  • Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders.

  • Understanding of how to extract data from web pages using scripts

  • Experience with replication configuration, standards, and best practices in SQL

  • Proficient in writing and optimizing SQL and query statements

  •  Knowledge of API’s for use in integrations for a variety of tools

  • Ability to plan resource requirements from high level specifications

  • Familiarity running queries and with other databases via Node.js and MySQL

  • Knowledge of limitations in MySQL and their workarounds in contrast to other popular relational databases

  • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools such as Git


  • Full-stack experience with JavaScript and Node.js

  • Knowledge of Frameworks like Cypris + Selenium

  • Chrome driver experience would be GREAT!

  • Experience using tools like iMacros,, Scrapebox, Octoparse, etc

  • Experience with data normalization

  • Schema Design – working with Application/Development team

  • Experience with export and import of Data to and from a database

  • Coursework and/or experience developing software in the .NET Framework

  • Coursework and/or experience with C#, ASP.NET Web Forms, and MVC 

  • Knowledge of API integration 

  • Experience with machine learning like Hadoop, Kafka, Spark and MPP/No SQL databases in a large scale environment


  • Joining a team of an early-stage startup and working on a real product 

  • Opportunities to learn and develop your skills and career through meetups, colleagues and other places.

  • Learning as you go with flexible remote work as a start

  • Access to startups and founders within the Danish Startup Scene

  • A chance to learn something new every day

We’re only looking for students that require credit for their school at the moment. Our current office space doesn’t allow additional interns on-site except for the weekends at the moment, which will change over time. A significant portion of your time will be spent learning. Please apply via this job posting and include your CV, links to previous projects, and your potential start date.

Please write in your application that you've seen the job at Jobfinder.