Freelance task

On Jobfinder you can now locate tasks and work opportunities that fit your specific skills and qualifications. Maybe you are already a self-employed consultant or freelancer that has experience in solving tasks for companies. Maybe you are looking to solve single tasks next to your day job.
Jobfinders provides the possibility of finding new tasks and get in contact with companies across Denmark.

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When solving tasks on a freelance basis, you have to be aware of a number of things. The contract needs to clearly specify the extent, time schedule and fee for the task. Moreover, you need to be clear on the procedure for vacation, maternity leave and saving for retirement.  
As a member of The Danish Society of Engineers, IDA you can get legal advice, whether you are contemplating becoming self-employed, freelance, solve tasks through digital platforms, just started your own company or been active in this area for long. You can get advise on fees, contracts etc.
At you can get further information and access to a number of webinars for self-employees and freelancers.