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The following explains's policy for treating the personal information you give when you use our website and make use of the different services offered on the site. collects your personal information when you visit our website. Both the information that is ordinarily available and the information you actively give us. This is amongst other things done with cookies.

In order to make use of the full functionality of you will be asked to type in certain personal information, e.g. if you choose to make a user profile at

The personal information that collects may for instance be your name, your e-mail address, the company at which you work, your job title and

other similar information about your identity as well as information about how you use

We store your personal information in a way so that you can be identified as long as you have an active profile and we anonymise it when you close it down.

Your personal information will be passed on to units and companies associated with, including the IDA Group. Your personal information will not be passed on without your consent unless the law allows this. will not use or pass on your personal information for marketing purposes, including sending you e-mails with advertising content, unless you yourself explicitly ask for and accept this.

In specific situations will pass on your personal information to public authorities or others if required by law or if is told to do so by a competent court of law. uses external data processors, including providers of e.g. software, hosting, social and professional media, backup, security and storing. This means that your personal information will be passed on to third parties instructed by to treat your personal information on behalf of and with methods specified by

In some cases your personal information may be transferred to other countries outside of EU/EEA as well as countries that do not have laws providing the same protection of personal information. 

In the overwhelming majority of cases the authorisation for transferring data to the data processors and data controllers we use outside of EU/EEA is

based on the EU-US Privacy Shield agreement, in which all our American cooperation partners participate, e.g. Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics. We also have a data processor in Ukraine, and the transference to them is based on a standard model contract approved by the European Commission.

You can see a copy of the above at and demands of all its data processors that your personal information be treated confidentially and that all necessary technical and organisational measures are taken to prevent that any information is accidentally or unlawfully destroyed, lost, degraded, comes into the hands of unauthorised persons, is abused or is treated against the laws of privacy, incl. GDPR.

Your personal information will only be kept by as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was collected.

You have the right to know which information about you Jobfinder possesses and the right to rectify it. You also have the right to object to the collection of data and to the further treatment of your personal information. To exercise this right, contact via the contact information below.

We can reject requests that are unreasonably repetitive, that demand a disproportionate amount of technical intervention (e.g. the development of a new system or the radical change of an existing practice), that affect the protection of other users’ personal information or requests that would be extremely impractical (e.g. requests for information that exists as backup). 

If we can give access to and rectify information, naturally we do this for free unless it requires a disproportionately large effort. We strive to maintain our services in a way that protects information from wrongful or harmful destruction. Therefore, when you delete information from our services it is possible that we cannot delete the copies from our archive servers immediately, and therefore the information may not be removed from our backup systems.

You may at any time complain to The Danish Data Protection Agency



We also use cookies at We use different cookies for different purposes:

- Technical functionalities, including login, so that we remember your preferences

- Measuring traffic so we know how many people visit our sites and so we can document this to advertisers according to common industry standards

- Handling ads so we can control how many times an ad is shown to the same user and register how many people click on it


At the moment we use the following cookies at

- TNS Gallup (traffic measurement):

TNS Gallup (measures traffic): The website uses cookies from Gallup, which register the use of the Internet on a market level and across various websites. The measuring adheres to all legislation in the area, including the Danish Act on Processing of Personal Data and ICC/ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Research Practice and does not pass on information about the Internet behavior of individuals but only as a whole.


- Dansk Online Index: is a part of Dansk Online Index, which measures all traffic on Danish websites. The measuring is done by Kantar Gallup on behalf of the

data controller Danske Medier Research ApS. They use cookies from: and with the purpose of gathering

information about IP, time, technical information about unit, e.g. OS, browser version etc. in order to do statistics for traffic on the site. Data is stored with  no time limit in an aggregated form that cannot be used to identify the user.


- Google Analytics (traffic measurement):

Google Analytics (measures traffic): The website uses cookies from Google Analytics for measuring the traffic on the website.

You can choose not to get cookies from Google Analytics.

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- New Relic (traffic measurement): uses New Relic to measure realtime traffic and server load.

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- Google Ad Manager (handles ads):

The website uses Google Ad Manager to handle the showing of ads.

You can read more about Google Admanager and choose not to get cookies


- Intercom:

Intercom is used on the site as a chat function, which makes it easier for the user to get in touch with us. Cookies from Intercom are used for the purpose of recognizing the user if the user is logged in and to see what the user has previously written to us about. This information is not shared with others.

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There may be more cookies set as the above may have made agreements with other partners whose cookies are also set. This is particularly the case for RTB (Real-time bidding) ad space sold in dynamic networks which may set many cookies. For this reason our list cannot be complete. 

If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can delete or block them. See the guide

The fast development of the Internet means that changes in our processing of personal information may be necessary. Therefore we reserve the right to update and change the present guidelines for the processing of personal information. If we do so, naturally we will change the date by ‘last updated’ (‘sidst opdateret’) at the bottom of the page. In the event of substantial changes we will let you know by putting a visible note on our websites.

Data controller:

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