About TrackMan A/S

TrackMan has changed the way we understand and enjoy the games of golf and baseball, and today we continue to push the frontier of tracking technologies and data intelligence in sports. Our technology translates the flight of a ball and the movements of a player into insights that enable athletes and thought leaders to connect feel with facts. The masters of golf, baseball and many other sports rely on our technology to understand their game, improve their performance and, eventually, unleash their full potential.

A Danish company on an ambitious journey
We are a Danish company founded, owned and run by three entrepreneurs with a strong passion for sports. Since 2003, we have tirelessly explored new ways to track balls and players in sports smarter, faster and with higher accuracy, all with the purpose of helping customers understand their performance better.

 Today, our products are the preferred choice of top performers from a broad spectrum of professions, ranging from world-best athletes and coaches to sports associations, leagues, and teams. TrackMan’s technology also powers Grammy-award winning TV productions as well as state-of-the-art equipment manufacturers - in golf, baseball, football, tennis and more (take a look at our partners in golf and in baseball).

Technology evolving at the speed of innovation
Our proprietary technology is based on expert knowledge about radar, computer vision and software engineering nurtured throughout many years. Our solutions are developed by specialists who endlessly explore and challenge new technical boundaries, and it evolves constantly to meet our ambitions as a company, and our visions as engineers and dreamers.

 We develop and produce everything we sell at our headquarters just outside of Copenhagen in Denmark - from the hardware of radars to the software of user applications and the technology used to track balls, players and equipment. With offices in New York, Phoenix, Poland, and Tokyo, we employ more than 250 people around the world.

Where innovation happens
At TrackMan, we know that great people make great products.

We believe our teamwork thrives and innovation sparks in an atmosphere where people are encouraged to think for themselves, where everybody’s voices are heard, and where the best ideas prevail in the pursuit of the exceptional solution. These ingredients are what make TrackMan an inspiring company - for our customers and our colleagues.