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About Minerva

Minerva was founded in 1995. During a couple of years Minerva created a basis of in depth knowledge about optimising the processes of the manufacturing industry.

From the beginning we knew that a strong company culture was the cornerstone for a continuing development and success.

We have developed our organisation by adding highly experienced and highly motivated employees to deliver results in a sharing and very competitive environment.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems were the backbone for any real and lasting company optimisation, wherefore this was the cornerstone for the Minerva business.

As more and more companies implemented ERP systems it was obvious that a lot of procedures were based on "old-fashioned thinking" wherefore Manufacturing Excellence and supply chain optimisation was added as a competence to the offering of Minerva.

In the beginning of year 2000 it was obvious that the current systems did not support the increasing globalisation in an effective way.  Most companies were at that time pretty well run seen from a transaction point of view; but the whole product lifecycle process (PLM) and project handling, from marketing to development, pre production, production, outsourced manufacturing, and the loop back to quality was handled by a lot for manually driven systems, slowing down time to market, and thereby eroding profit.

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and the entire knowledge base around PLM was added to the offering of Minerva Group.

Most companies founded during the financial crises in 1997 were reluctantly paying a large upfront fee for a system where ROI came within a few years. Once again Minerva predicted the possibility to deliver tangible business benefits within a very short time frame.

Open Source PLM system - free of charge - no upfront commitment - and yet based on the most modern, advanced and flexible technology, was added to Minerva's portfolio.

Constant innovation, with the focus of profitability is what we are offering our customers. In Minerva we walk the talk. We innovate at the same time as we make sure to sustain a profitable business and thereby securing a stable and trustworthy partnership to our customers.