About Cortrium

In 2017 Cortrium signed a partnership contract with Pfizer Pharma GmbH about scaling the opportunities for ECG monitoring in Germany. In early 2018, the company obtained the EC certificate (CE-mark) and the ISO 13485 certification as a manufacturer of ECG devices. Today Cortrium is working in close collaboration with Pfizer in the German market.

Our aspiration for continuous improvement has led to feedback and learnings from the user experience which we considered in further developing the device. Thus, in September 2019 we were able to release our newest product the upgraded C3⁺ Holter Monitor – which we launched at the ESC (European Society of Cardiology) World Congress of Cardiology in Paris. The C3⁺ has flexible arms and live-monitoring of your patient’s ECG using iOS devices. Cortrium is offering the easy and smart ECG monitoring solution to other markets mainly via country-based distributors of medical equipment.

We at Cortrium are convinced that the C3⁺ Holter Monitor will significantly advance the digitalization of healthcare and simplify everyday practices. With our profound medical expertise and in-depth technical knowledge, we can develop products that fit today’s healthcare market and will shape the healthcare market of tomorrow – for the benefit of doctors and patients alike. After an extensive time of product development and certification, we are now present in multiple EMEA markets. We have big ambitions and we are just getting started