About Copenhagen Atomics Aps


Radically changing nuclear energy technology is a rapidly growing industry and research area dedicated to developing fundamentally new types of nuclear reactors. Such reactors are targeted to solve problems of existing nuclear reactor technology, including waste, risk, scalability, and cost.

At Copenhagen Atomics we believe that reactors using molten salt as coolant and fuel (MSRs) and thorium as an abundant and cheap energy source is the best solution for completely changing nuclear energy and energy production in general. A thorium based molten salt reactor is small, efficient, safe, and with an optimal waste profile including the capability of burning nuclear waste from current plants.

Nuclear reactors don’t produce gaseous pollution such as CO2, SO2 and NOx, or particulate matter pollution. This occurs at a massive scale with fossil fuels and is the main cause of our largest environmental problem today. Furthermore, thorium MSRs can deliver a scalability and cost proposition superior to any existing energy technology, including current nuclear, renewables, and fossil fuels.

During the next 12 months Copenhagen Atomics are going to double the team. Become part of a global transformation.