Om Zliide Technologies ApS

Zliide is a self-checkout system that aims to revolutionize the overall physical shopping experience. Zliide has reinvented the retail checkout process by creating intelligent anti-theft tags that automatically unlock once a payment is made. The customer simply presses a button on the tag and will instantly receive product information on their mobile app - without the need for scanning a barcode. Afterwards the customer is given the ability to purchase the product within the app. Once the payment is confirmed the tag unlocks - without the need for an unlocking kiosk or assistance from a staff member. The technology gives the customers the ability to be in control of their shopping experience throughout the process, while removing lines and reducing the time staff need to spend at the POS-system. In the physical stores of tomorrow staff will have surplus time to assist costumers on the sales floor and provide optimal service and ensure additional sales. Retailers will be provided with in-store statistics and the ability to optimize their physical stores throughout the value chain.