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Om ShopGun

ShopGun is better known as eTilbudsavis in Denmark and is on a mission to make it possible to get any thing.
More specifically, we're trying to help people in shopping by building the ultimate shopping planning tool; hundreds of thousands of people already use ShopGun to plan their shopping, find local deals that match what they're looking for, and read catalogs for inspiration.
What's more, we're working on taking everything about retail catalogs to the next, digital level.
ShopGun is also on the verge of launching globally and is currently available in Scandinavia plus Poland and the Netherlands.

On this journey, ShopGun needs a lot of talented team members. A team of +30 people is already working everyday on making ShopGun better for people from our office in Ørestad, Copenhagen and maybe you'll be the next to join our journey?