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Om RSP Systems A/S

About RSP Systems A/S:

RSP Systems A/S is a Danish medical technology company focused on bringing innovative, non-invasive glucose monitors to people with diabetes. We are a team of world-class engineers and specialists, serious about science and committed to quality.

RSP’s technology is based on a direct optical detection principle, Raman spectroscopy, a mature technology to which RSP has developed and patented improvements enabling the measurement of concentrations of various substances in the interstitial fluid (tissue fluid surrounding the cells of the body) non-invasively through the skin. Proof-of-concept for glucose measurement on diabetics has been demonstrated through pilot trials in collaboration with Odense University Hospital in Denmark.

As a team, we are passionate about the work we do and excited about the positive impact it will have on diabetics around the world. With just over 30 employees, we maintain in many ways a relaxed family atmosphere, eating daily together and winding down every Friday afternoon, often to themed hangouts. You can expect a warm and flexible atmosphere, where your input matters.

For more information, please visit www.rspsystems.com.