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Om PAR Scientific A/S

Company profile PAR Scientific A/S was founded 1986 in Denmark. We are a subsidiary of S&S X-Ray Products Inc., USA. All development activities, both mechanical, electronics and software are taking place in Denmark.

We manufacture high technology equipment for optimization of radiotherapy treatment and have more than 650 units installed in 375 radiotherapy centres throughout the world.

Our Ideology is to develop, produce, sell and service specialized equipment to be used in connection with radiation treatment and diagnostic examinations. The equipment is primarily computerized systems for production of Shielding Blocks, Compensating Filters and Digital Contouring Devices.  Furthermore we produce equipment used for fixation of patients during radiotherapy treatment, diagnostic examinations of traumatic patients, CT, MRI and DSA examinations etc. The clinical use expands continuously. Please take a look at our product range on this web site to get detailed information on specific products.

As we are in close contact with most of our customers we are in a position to develop our technologies to the level the end-users desires. This is one of the reasons for the position we maintain in the Radiotherapy business today.

Through a wide spread net of carefully chosen distributors, we are represented in almost any part of the world. The thoroughly trained distributors and our customers value us as a serious technology partner capable of maintaining and servicing our equipment at a very high level. Check the international contact on the web site to find our distributor in your country. Please contact us directly for further information if your country is not represented on the list.

Development as well as improvement of existing products will continue. New products we be carefully selected based on an evaluation on the market prospects prior to official release.

If you have specific demands or need an advice regarding our equipment please contact our company directly - via this web site, or one of our distributors from the list.