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Om Norlase ApS

Norlase brings cutting-edge diode laser technology to the market, enabling breakthrough performance for laser based equipment.

Industry expertise meets technical excellence.
CEO Peter Skovgaard, Ph.D., has 20 years of experience in bringing cutting edge photonics technology to market for companies such as Crystal Fibre, NKT Photonics and Kaleido. He founded Norlase in 2014, together with former CEO of Melles Griot, David L. Hardwick, and a group of leading photonics entrepreneurs and researchers.

In Norlase, we believe in breaking down the barriers of technology through simplification. Our mission is to make high power visible lasers truly convenient. In 2015 we took the first step by introducing the ground-breaking Aurora One - a compact, high-power visible laser which outperforms leading solutions on the market. Norlase is backed by Investment Company Capnova and private investors.