Om MakeImpact

MakeImpact is a Danish Impact Fintech startup with focus on sustainability and impact investing. MakeImpact is a mobile first solution that matches the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) to companies that have similar value sets and goals as the impact investor. We index each company according to which sustainable development goals they support – helping the potential impact investors to visualize which SDG’s are supported by which companies.

Our team currently consists of the two dedicated founders backed by a group of highly competent people – each with their own unique set of skills. Varan (founder) has years of experience within Banking, Business Development and FinTech Innovation and Christopher (co-founder) is a seasoned international PR & Communications Advisor to numerous global startups – with a strong focus on FinTechs. MakeImpact is an idea combining the best of communication and data insights…...Combining our different educational backgrounds, our unique insights into various industries as well as our strong belief in the core idea of MakeImpact , we – together – can take MakeImpact from the drawing board and bring it to life – ready to empower people to invest in tomorrow’s world.