Om K 2 Management A/S

100 Percent Committed to Wind K2 Management supports its clients in their efforts to develop wind projects that achieve the best possible return on investment.

Our global service offerings focused within wind project planning and management make us a unique wind project consultancy covering the entire value chain; from the earliest phases of planning and development, to the actual construction and maintenance of wind projects.

We are a global team of highly experienced experts and consultants with practical knowledge from wind projects all over the world. We are dedicated to supporting our clients' efforts to achieve their wind project milestones, within targeted cost, schedule, and quality parameters, so the resulting wind farms operate as expected.

Our 100 percent commitment to wind energy also means we fully support the global development of wind energy.

K2 Management's headquarters in Denmark are 100 percent powered by wind energy and our goal is to have all our offices powered by wind energy.