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Om IHFood A/S

Who Are We?
The core of IHFood is our team of highly skilled engineers specialized in image analysis and advanced robotics. We are situated in the centre of Copenhagen and it is the perfect working environment for a young creative team. Our company’s core competencies are:

Creativity - Innovation - Results

What Do We Do?
We develop vision systems with intelligent image analysis software capable of automating quality control and grading as well as enabling control of advanced robots for replacing ergonomically stressful jobs.
We focus on what may be achieved for final customers in terms of automation and increased focus on business values such as sustainability and CSR as well as how we may improve by using the latest state of the art vision technology.

What Do We Want to Accomplish?
Our main objective is to create vision based key products for our partners. They are market leading system suppliers, mainly within slaughtering, cutting and processing of red meat, poultry and fish as well as egg grading and sorting.
In cooperation with our partners, we strive to improve their customers’ performances in terms of productivity, yield, quality and cost-effectiveness. 
Providing state of the art camera and lighting technology combined with advanced statistically based software, we create reliable and robust solutions that have a positive and measurable impact on our customers’ businesses.