Om Goodtalks


Goodtalks is a professional digital network for woman. The platform supports woman in building a strong network they can draw upon to advance their career. Our goal is gender equality in leadership roles and management boards – to the benefit of the individual, corporations and society at large.

The What

SDG 5: gender equality Despite the fact that it’s recognised more women in top management has a positive impact on the bottom line, gender equality in Danish leadership roles and management boards leaves a lot to be desired. With 27% of woman in leadership positions Denmark is the lowest ranking of the Nordic countries and even below the OECD average of 31%.1 When it comes to corporate and board management numbers are even lower. In 2018 the proportion of women in top management was 13% and board management 17% , and the trend is decreasing. For instance only one of the C25 listed companies has a female CEO. One challenge is that candidates to fill top leadership positions are recruited via network and since these are male ‘heavy’ it creates a vicious circle that takes effort to interrupt.1 Goodtalks address the network issue that prevent women from landing top management positions by offering a platform where woman can build strong alliances and get support to grow their career.

The How

Goodtalks offer professional women a digital platform that allows them to build and strengthen their network across roles, functions and businesses. It works as an exchange of experiences and knowledge, which given the digital format removes barriers by making help, sparring and sharing easily available. In addition the setup encourages honest exchange of both good and challenging experiences, which serve to fuel our members with needed competencies and courage to advance their career. Further members are regularly offered the opportunity to meet in person at live events where they network and listen to two inspiring speakers (e.g. CEO’s and politicians) who share the unglossy version of their career stories.

The Why

Spending many years in Corporate World, Pernille who established Goodtalks, would at times find herself in organisations that had a deep negative impact on her mood and wellbeing. So much so that she would bring the tension home and take it out on her family. Searching for an explanation (and solution) a pattern emerged. Business where she had struggled to thrive all had a lack of female competencies in leadership roles and management boards in common. An imbalance that affected the entire organisation. A deep desire to facilitate balanced organisation via gender equality and change this dynamic took root. Pernille identified community as a key leaver to achieve this. An environment where women can meet up online and offline to share experiences and support each others growth. She also recognised that in order for the sharing to be relatable and have a transformational impact it had to be honest and ‘unglossy’. Soon after Goodtalks was launched.