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Faerch creates circularity in food packaging

Faerch was established in 1969 in Holstebro, Denmark. We have sales facilities all across Europe and 12 production sites in France, Denmark, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain and the Czech Republic.

We are a leading supplier of food packaging. We lead the way in the use of recycled materials in our packaging, and we are on a mission to create circularity in food packaging – and you can join us.

Circularity in food packaging

The average lifespan of a food tray can be as little as eight days - from the point in time when it is produced, until its disposal after use by the consumer. This is a waste of resources. Our mission is to change that.

In a circular economy, food trays are made from recycled material and are recycled back into new food trays of the same quality - again and again. From eight days to infinity. It is common sense from a sustainability perspective and for society, but it is also beneficial for businesses.

This is not a vision: The technology is available, and we are doing it already – on an industrial scale.

The World’s Only Integrated Tray Recycler

In our dedicated tray recycling facility in the Netherlands, we process food trays received from collectors, sorters and customers from across Europe. We recycle trays back into food grade material, which we use to manufacture new food trays across our production sites. It allows us to offer food packaging made from up to 100% recycled content, and entirely recycle it back into food grade products, without compromising on food safety or any other functional property.

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