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Om DTU Vet, Section for Bacteriology

Who are we? 
The National Veterinary Institute DTU conducts research in infectious diseases in livestock and diagnoses diseased animals. We give advice to public authorities and cooperate with them on the Danish veterinary contingency plan. We are reference laboratory in a number of areas. 

We also encompasses all infectious animal diseases in farm livestock and companion animals. Our main focus is on notifiable diseases, as well as other serious infectious diseases that affect farm livestock.

Research in diseases
The Institute does research in methods to detect, control, and prevent infectious animal diseases. Our research activities cover a wide field, i.e. developmental and application-oriented projects as well as basic research.

Veterinarians can submit samples from diseased animals for diagnosis. For notifiable diseases the diagnosis is free, whereas we diagnose other diseases on commercial terms. All our diagnostic services are based on accredited or quality-assured analysis methods. For questions concerning diagnosis, please find the relevant contact information here.

Vaccines and sera
For some animal diseases commercial vaccines and sera are not available. For the treatment of these diseases the National Veterinary Institute DTU manufactures vaccines and sera, if the disease is significant. Our production of vaccines and sera takes place on commercial terms.

Advice public authorities
The National Veterinary Institute DTU provides advisory services and risk assessment to public authorities, the industry and interest groups. Advisory services and risk assessment are both based on robust and sensitive research methods. In addition, we supply data for disease monitoring in Denmark.

Responsible for the Danish veterinary contingency plan
The National Veterinary Institute DTU is responsible for the laboratory component of the Danish veterinary contingency plan, which puts emergency procedures into action in the event of suspected or actual outbreaks of serious infectious animal diseases. In these cases our laboratories analyse samples from the animals. The contingency plan is supported by our activities in conjunction with a range of national monitoring programmes on animal diseases and zoonoses. Our research and diagnostics expertise is crucial for maintaining the high quality of the Danish veterinary contingency plan.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration is responsible for the part of the contingency plan handling infection situations in Denmark.