Om DTU Skylab

DTU Skylab is the innovation hub located at Lyngby campus at DTU, Technical University of Denmark. We focus on enabling student innovation and entrepreneurship through our three focus areas; student innovation, company collaboration and academia. It is important to us to welcome all DTU students and affiliated students, therefore student innovation include everything from smaller student projects, case solving on courses and student start-ups.

Connecting theory with real world
We believe that students learn and advance better when combining theory and practice. This is why we facilitate the connection between companies from the public and private sector with DTU students. It is also important for us to build bridges between student innovation and the academic world hence our third focus area; academia.

Think big - fail fast
We support the student innovation practically by providing free access for all DTU students to all our workshops; metal, wood, welding, rapid prototyping (3D printing, laser cutting), electronics, design lab, wet lab and Foodlab. The DTU Skylab workshop crew is highly specialized and can assist on small and big projects. It is our philosophy that DTU Skylab empowers students to think big, fail fast and then scale quicker. This room-for-error culture supports students to dare to think ambitiously, fearlessly and globally.

Sharing connections and network
DTU Skylab values diversity, interdisciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration, and this is why we work closely together with both domestic and international partners to knowledge share and strengthen the network by sending both employees and students out to expand the current network and bring back significant, new findings.

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