Om Dirac Research

At Dirac, we’re passionate about sound. No matter where or how you’re enjoying your favourite audio media, we empower your audio system to push beyond its physical limitations to deliver the best possible listening experience. We transform your car into a mobile HiFi room, make headphone listening a fully panoramic experience, and turn mobile devices into pocket-size entertainment centers. We challenge the boundaries of science to make possible what was once impossible. It all started 15 years ago, when some of the founders were still PhD students at the Signals and Systems

Group at Uppsala University. They had a problem: their speakers weren’t delivering the clear audio experience that every audiophile craves. So, they combined the knowledge in digital signal processing that they had gained from years of study with their passion for music to fundamentally improve the speakers they used every day. But they didn’t want to stop there. They wanted to share these breakthroughs with all the other audio geeks out there. After all, don’t we all want our listening experiences to be the best possible?