In 2017 we 3D printed the first building in Europe – The BOD (Building On Demand).  We demonstrated that it was possible to 3D print a building by European building codes. Based on The BOD we learned that a great deal of improvements could be made to the original BOD printer. Therefore, we continued our dedicated work and developed the 2nd generation BOD printer – The modular construction printer BOD2. In 2018 we won the first-ever EU tender for 3D construction printers on the basis of the BOD2. The fast development and effort led German PERI Group, the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of formwork and scaffolding systems, to acquire a significant stake in COBOD. The rapid growth continued in 2019. The BOD2 is produced in numbers and distributed worldwide. Saudi Arabia purchases the largest 3D construction printer ever developed. That BOD2 printer is large enough to print three storey buildings of more than 300 square meters per storey.

We cannot reveal all customers, but we have previously published that we in 2019 among other delivered 3D construction printers to Belgian Kamp C, German Peri Group, Danish Technical University and Saudi Arabian Elite for Construction & Development. In addition, Peri Group also in 2019 began distributing the COBOD 3D construction printers in the German-speaking part of Europe. We are proud to announce that 2019 ended with a profit for our company, despite only being the second year of full operation for us. Our growth here in 2020 will continue as we already have 3 doubled our order intake compared to the same period last year, including orders for printers outside the on-site building application, which the majority of our customers so far have pursued. Due to this 2020 will be another exciting year for us, where our printers will be used in applications and markets, which we have not previously been involved in.

This broadens up our approachable market significantly. In 2020 we will establish ourselves as a truly global company with printers present in the majority of continents in the world. In addition, the new applications, which added up in many markets are bigger than what we have focused on so far, will enable us to grow even further in the years to come. We are continuously pushing the technology, reaching new results and possibilities.