Om Business Battlefield

Business Battlefield is a sprouting organisation consisting of volunteer students who aim to inspire, challenge and Shape the Leaders of Tomorrow. The organisation is part of the society CBS Case Competition and was founded back in 2017.

Business Battlefield is an innovative leadership competition for students taking place in November. The first week of November will be one big orange party with events happening online and/or at different Copenhagen Business School locations. During this week a selected number of participants will receive training from our expert partners to prepare for the competition on the final day. During the year we also aim to host a series of inspiring talks and workshops with influential leaders for all students.

The purpose of Business Battlefield is to offer students an inspiring experience and opportunity to exploit and challenge their leadership skills. The concept bridges the theoretical knowledge from academia with real-life leadership challenges preparing the participants for a career as a leader. We want Business Battlefield to be the first of its kind in challenging the contemporary characteristics of a leader. In a world where disruption, environmental issues, artificial intelligence and constant innovation are the most discussed business topics, we strive to identify the individuals that have the potential to successfully enter the world of leaders and make a change.

Business Battlefield 2021 will be the fifth of its kind, and we aim to think big - nothing is set in stone and your creativity is the limit! If you are a student and want to engage in the Business Battlefield journey and co-create this grand event with us, read more below!